Access types of home broadband lines


The access types of home broadband in New Zealand are generally divided into three categories:

·Telephone line into the house (common in farms or older houses)

·Optical fiber into the home (most apartments and new houses)

·Internet access (part of apartments)

1. Telephone line access

The incoming broadband line is a telephone line, which is generally equipped with a telephone line modem (ADSL / VDSL cat) to provide Internet access. If a fixed telephone is connected at the same time, a voice data separator needs to be connected. The computer can directly connect ADSL / VDSL cat with network cable to dial up the Internet (or some cats have routing function, and the computer can directly access the Internet without dialing), as shown in the following figure:



2. Fiber access

The home broadband line is optical fiber, which is generally equipped with optical fiber modem (optical cat for short) to provide Internet access. The situation is similar to the access mode of the telephone line in the front, except that the telephone line is replaced by optical fiber, as shown in the figure below. In New Zealand, optical cat is also called optical network unit, which is called ont for short. In most cases, the back of optical cat needs to be connected with router to obtain WiFi signal.



3. Network cable access

Because the access type is widely used in the community, also known as the community broadband, the broadband line into the home is the network line. More broadly speaking, the access line to the home is the network line, which is called the network line to the home, as shown in the figure below.


All of the above three ways can be connected to the wireless router to achieve shared Internet access. The connection mode is as follows.

Said the type of broadband access, and then talk about broadband access.

There are three types of Internet access: PPPoE dial-up, dynamic IP and static IP.


Before setting up internet access, first of all, you need to know what kind of broadband Internet access is. Generally speaking, the telephone line and optical fiber are PPPoE dial-up connection. Warner provides you with broadband account and password. Fill these information into the router Internet access settings to get online.

Dynamic IP internet access is more common in the network cable.