How do two wireless routers bridge? Double router how to connect the detailed graphic method!


When one router can't meet the WiFi signal at home, it's necessary for us to connect two wireless routers by ourselves. There are many similar router tutorials on the network, but often you read them but failed to set them up. After careful study, write down the following methods, hoping to be useful to you!


First of all, I will talk about some problems worthy of discussion in the general course:

1. When setting up the bridge, it is not necessary to set up WDS on both routers, but only on the second router.

2. The DHCP service of the second router needs to be shut down. Some tutorials don't particularly emphasize this, and many people don't set it up.

3. Computers or other access devices do not need to emphasize static IP.

When setting up the bridge, no matter the brand and model of the router, you only need to have the function of bridge (WDS), and you can set successfully according to this method.


The two routers demonstrated here are swiftness and mercury. If the brand is different, pay attention to the narrative part, I will try to make every detail clear! We call the first router the primary router and the second the secondary router, which is not easy to confuse.

1、 First, set the main router to be able to access the Internet. There should be no problem at this point. Set the access type according to the wizard, and fill in the user name and password given by the operator.


2、 Set the wireless settings of the main router, and then set the wireless network name, password, etc. Remember your network name, including your password. Save and restart your router. Here the network name and network password will be used on the secondary router.


3、 Log in to the secondary router and set an IP address in the LAN port settings. The requirement is that there is no conflict in the same network segment. If the primary router is, the secondary router is recommended to be If the primary router is, the secondary router is recommended to be


4、 The wireless setting of the secondary router also gives a name to the wireless network. You can recognize and distinguish it from the primary router. The channel settings are the same as those of the main router. For WDS settings, you need to click and tick the box in front of WDS. Check it, and then click Scan. You can search the nearby wireless network, find the name of your main router, click Connect, and enter the password.


5、 Open the DHCP settings of the secondary router, select close before the DHCP service, save and restart the secondary router.

6、 After restart, WDS status is displayed successfully, and all settings are completed.

Two routers are bridged here. If there is a third or more routers, the adding method is the same as above. I hope you can set it successfully after reading!